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past pain pic      When we forget the past it is said that we are destined to repeat it. This is a very real statement for alcoholics in recovery. Many of us forget the pain we caused others to endure on our behalf.
      Remembering our past is like looking in a rear view mirror. It’s good to look back to see how far we’ve come, but if we look too long we’ll miss what’s right in front of us.
      We alcoholics and addicts must look back so that we don’t forget what we were like in the throes of our addictions. The depravity while using alcohol and drugs must not take hold of our lives again. For that reason we never forget what we were like, but we look to the future with the knowledge of our past mistakes so we don’t repeat them.
      If we take the first drink or drug we will forget where we came from!

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Sober Links
Link Description
AA World Services AA World Services Website
AA Grapevine The AA Grapevine Website
St. Louis Central Service Office AA St. Louis Central Service Website
Tri-County Intergroup Serving Districts 14, 19, and 20
Al-Anon World Services Al-Anon World Services Website
ACA World Services Adult Children of Alcoholics Website
CoDA World Services Codependent Anonymous Website
Warning Signs Signs that your child is using drugs.
Burning Tree Long term drug and alcohol rehab.
Drunk Driving Good Posting By: Emma and Krista
Daily Reflections From AA members, for AA members
24 Hours a Day Daily Meditations for Sobriety
Each Day a New Beginning Daily Meditations for Women
Touchstones Daily Meditations for Men
Today's Gift Daily Meditations for Families
Language of Letting Go Daily Meditations for Codependent's
SAMSHA Homepage Substance Abuse & Mental Health..
SAMSHA Facilities Locator Treatment Facility Locator
Project Know Understanding Addiction
U.S. HHS Substance Abuse Res. for Families
ZocDoc Therapist/Doctor Locator
National Institute on: Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism
Essentials of Recovery Very nice blog
Elderly Living Resources Resources for our Senior Community
About Alcohol Addiction Help.Org (excellent resource)
Strong Body, Sound Mind... Healthy Eating and Exercise
Our Inspiration

Alcoholics Anonymous World Services AA Grapevine, Inc. Al-Anon Family Groups World Services AA St. Louis Central Service Office